Fundraising Information

Gift Cards

We are looking into signing up for purchasing Funscrip gift cards.  We would need a commitment from at least 10 families, more would be welcome, to purchase at least $200 worth of gift-cards per month.  This fund raising can be done for the season or can continue on all year.  The money is distributed monthly, the gift cards can be used at over 100 locations. The grocery cards earn approximately 2% of the value purchased.  Please checkout the website and if you have any questions please ask.  Once we have a commitment, we will register and start with monthly purchases.  All the ordering and paying can be done online and gift cards arrive within a week of purchase.

Steak Nights

The Steak Night dates are now set, February 7 for the boys and February 8 for the girls.  The tickets are ready to go.  They will be handed out at the practices, each player receiving 4 tickets.  I am going to need a representative from each team to collect ticket sales and distribute extra tickets if needed.  Please contact me if you are willing to take on this task. 

For the steak night we are also looking for people to find items for a silent auction and even letters sent to various businesses’ asking for support.   Please let me know if you are able help out in this matter. 

If there are any additional questions or comments, please ask. 


Fund-raising Events for the 2011 Season

We held a fund-raising meeting Sunday Dec 12 and made some decisions regarding fund-raising activities for the Slam basketball year. 

1.        Steak night – we will hold 2 steak nights in late January early February at Mulberry’s.  The reason for two is that the maximum capacity is 125 seats and with 5 Slam teams that can mean 60 kids.   We will probably split up the steak nights into a girls night and boys night. 

Every Slam family will be responsible for purchasing 4 tickets at $20 a piece for the steak night and have the option to sell more tickets to raise more money there child/player.  Each ticket raises $9 for the reduction of fees.  Therefore each player already reduces their fees by $36.  If you are not able to attend, we suggest that you sell your 4 tickets to family, friends or co-workers. 


We will also be doing additional fund-raising at the event, for instance we want to hold a silent auction and need volunteers to campaign for items or send letters to business’s for support.  Other activities will be 50/50 tickets, bottle raffles.  If anyone has additional ideas, or contributions to the silent auctions please send them our way. 


2.       Hamburger/Hotdog stand outside of Canadian Tire in early spring/summer.  This activity cannot be applied for until January 2011, but the thought is there will be a sign up sheet and the proceeds will be split among the players/parents that worked.  This will go to reduce their tournament and BSI fees or additional special training camps that are being considered.  We will offer more information as it gets closer to the dates. 


3.       We are looking into joining fundscrip which is a gift card company that has a large number of participating stores.  This fund-raising activity can be done all year round with minimal commitment and can be used for groceries, clothes, etc while still reducing your child/players fees.  We are currently still looking into the details but we do know that we need at least 10 members committed to buying on a regular basis; so if you are even remotely interested let us know as the number of participants are critical.  Please look at the fundscrip website  This would be a great way to help reduce fees for your child/player a little at a time.  Again Let us know if you are interested. 


If you have any questions, ideas or would like to participate please contact us at 


We are going to need a list of all players, their names, team (ie boys u13, girlsU15 etc.), email address, parents names and phone numbers for the steak night.  Please forward this information to the email address above.