Player Streaming Levels

 Stream Level                  
 Programs Available
Community - Recreational
U9 Spuds
U11 Mini
U13 Bantam
U15 Midget
U17 Juvenile
SMBA - Fall/Winter League
SMBA - Spring League
BSI - Steve Nash Program
BSI - Spring Program

Summer Camps:
Wildwood Basketball Camps
U of S Huskies Summer Camp

Long-term Athletic Development
High School
U13 (Gr7-8)
U15 (Gr9-10)
U17 (Gr11-12)
Annual Triple "S" Pre-season Basketball Camp - Fall
Human Performance Center - September, October
SMBA - Fall/Winter League (U13, U15)
Regional Training Center - U14
SMBA - Spring League
BSI U13, U14, U15, U16

Notre Dame - Girls Camp

Club Teams:
January-March one practice/week
April- July15 Tournaments (local and out-of-province)

High School:
Junior Team
Senior Team - SMBA is debatable based on commitment required by High School team

Human Performance Center

Long-term Athletic Development

Elite - Provincial Team - CIS Focus

Canada Basketball Center of Performance

Grade 10 - 100% Basketball

BSI Program:
U15 and U17 Team Saskatchewan

Human Performance Center: All year long

Shooting Coach

Mentoring Program