Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules for Saskatoon Slam Tournament
  • FIBA Rules with the following exceptions
  • 20 minute stop time halves with 4 minute half time (time permitting),
  • 7 team fouls per half - shooting on the 8th team foul, fouls carry over into overtime.
  • Time Outs: 2 in the 1st half, 3 in the 2nd, 1 in Overtime.
  • Time permitting, pre-game warm ups will be 5 minutes.
  • Officials and the table will monitor for stalling, provide a 10 second warning and count down if needed.
  • 8 second back court rule.
  • All types of defense (man/zone) &  press (full/half) is allowed for U15 & U17. 
  • U13 Man to man Defense, Man to man press allowed.
  • A 15 point mercy rule is in place. No pressing after 15 point differential. If differential drops below 15 the      press may be re-introduced. Losing team may continue to press at any time.
  • Wide key will be used where available. If not available, a narrow key will be utilized for ease of officiating.
  • Overtime: 1st team to score 5 points wins. 3 minutes maximum – 5 minute maximum in medal games.
  • Two officials per game.
  • Officials will not be handling the ball in the back court.
  • Fair play and sportsmanship will be strictly enforced. Trash talking, taunting or other displays of poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.
  • Coaches are responsible for the actions of their players and parents, both on and off the court.
  • Only 20 points of each game will be used to determine standings, playoff positions, etc. This means if a team wins by 30 points, that team would be recorded as +20 and the losing team a -20. This will avoid the necessity of a team having to run up a 40 point victory because the other team in their division won by 39 points.
  • All on site officials decisions are final and binding.
  • Players of the game awards will be made by opposing coaches. Only one award per player per tournament, excluding medal round.
  • FIBA Ball sizes: Boys (U15 +) = Size 7. Boys U13 and Girls = Size 6.
  • Both teams will supply a game ball to the officials who will choose one of the two as the official game ball.
  • Each player is allowed to participate on only one team in their division.
  • In case of ties in standings after all games are played: points for and against will be calculated for all games played, to a maximum of +/- 20.  The team with the most positive points  will be the higher seed.
  • Age Cut off Information
    • The player must be in either Grade level OR be born after the listed date.
    • U13 Grade 6/7 or born after Jan 31, 2000
    • U15 Grade 8/9 or born after Jan 31, 1998
    • U17 Grade 10/11 or born after Jan 31, 1996
  • Please note minor changes might be made to the rules listing above. We are striving to provide a Competitive and Fun environment for every player that is involved.
  • A final Tournament Rules sheet will be available at minor officials table at each gym.
  • Tournament game scores will be posted on our website:
  • Updated March 14. 2013