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Slam Announces Slam Sport

posted Sep 1, 2010, 2:49 PM by Rick Wingate
Slam Sport/
Kid Sport

What is Slam Sport/ KidSport?

Slam Sport is a reserve and partnership with our training, tournament, and BSI partners to ensure that all Slam participants have the option to play. This, combine
d with Kid Sport, Allows Slam to help our athletes pursue there dream of playing a competitive level of basketball.

For more information on Slam sport and how it may assist please contact  

Rick Wingate at

All inquires will be kept strictly confidential.

Kid Sport

Social and economic obstacles can prevent some young people from participating in organized sport. The provincial and territorial sport federations are responsible for the sport system structure have created KidSport™ to help overcome these obstacles.

KidSport™ identifies needs in the community, raises funds, and supports programs that, in keeping with the mission, create new opportunities for young people to participate in sports. By assisting children to overcome financial barriers which prevent or limit their participation in organized sport, KidSport can make participation possible.

It is well known that sport has a positive impact on the body. Physical activity makes children healthier: it strengthens their bones and their muscles, improves the flow of oxygen through their bodies, and lowers their risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. It is less commonly known that sport also has a powerful influence on a child's life skills, as it helps kids build self-esteem, develop leadership skills, set personal goals, and teaches them how to work and play as a team.

As a result of rising registration fees and user-fees, the reduction of physical education programming in schools, a lack of available and adequate facilities, and the increasing cost of equipment and transportation, an alarming number of Canada's kids are being prevented or limited in their chance to experience sport. Consequently, sport is in danger of becoming a privilege reserved for those who can afford it.

The KidSport program was created to help address these issues and create a means by which underserviced kids can participate in sport… so ALL kids can play! 

2009 KidSport Application Form

If you would like more information, please contact Kidsport Saskatchewan.

Regina KidSport™  
1870 Lorne Street 
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 2L7 
Phone: (306) 775-3433
Fax: (306) 781-6021
Toll Free: 1-800-319-GAME