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Slam Team age break down 2012/2013 Season

posted Aug 29, 2012, 1:22 PM by Rick Wingate
U13 grade 6 &/or 2001 Birthday 
U13 grade 7 &/or 2000 Birthday

U15 grade 8 &/or 1999 Birthday
U15 grade 9 &/or 1998 Birthday

U17 grade 10 &/or 1997 Birthday
U17 grade 11 &/or 1996 Birthday

Each team can have  overage players (traditionally a max of two who are "average" players ie not a 20 to 30 point mvp player) as long as they fit into one of the categories i.e. born in 1997 but is in grade 9. All overage players must be disclosed and permission granted by Slam and the tournament hosts to participate.